[DM Conferences] Should you attend any upcoming Digital Marketing events near you?

Roshan Samuel Ambler — At Mumbai Event Organised by PushStart / Neeraj Joshi

Personally, if someone asks my opinion on the above topic I would politely say “No”.

But that’s my opinion.

I’m a self-skilled digital marketer, learning mostly from marketers from other regions and following industry relevant blogs.

Spending more time on research/analysis on weekdays & implementing new strategies during weekends due to time constraints.

Here is the List of 70 Top Marketing Influencers You Should Follow (+Twitter List) for reference


So yeah, I love the practical approach concept more than just theory which is the baseline of most of these events.

Also, another point which concerns me the most are the pricing which can range from 100rs to 20k based on the speaker and location etc.

If I’m paying a 10k for an event than my expectation is that I get on a 1 on 1 guidance session to resolve my queries


I would not go to the event and just utilise the amount for my personal & business growth.

I have similar thoughts for the online digital marketing courses scenario

For the past couple of months, I got an opportunity to attend Digital Marketing events in the city, and few were really worth the time.

I finally got an opportunity to meet some top marketers from different regions attending the event and also got a gist of their thought process about the new things in digital.

I guess a few events and conferences are worth to attend for many reasons.

Bottom line, If you are spending your money on something that you must take it seriously.

Why It’s Important to Attend Industry Events

Conferences are the best way for “networking”, “learning new stuff”, and a great way to stay up to date about the industry.

Always have an event action plan.

You can go to the best events in the world, meet the best contacts onsite, learn truly amazing things from the speakers, but if you go back to work the following week and burying yourself in your daily tasks then having forgotten everything and let everything you took from the conference disappear, it will have been a worthless experience.

You can follow 2 things after attending the event:

1) When you come back from the event, make sure you email/contact all the interesting people you met as soon as possible to start that post-conference relationship. Even if you don’t know how they’ll fit in your professional life, you never know when they might be of interest to you in the future.

2) Make sure you create a mini-presentation of what you learned at the event, for your colleagues, team members, bosses. This will help you to put some thoughts into what you learn and summarize the main points and shows to your colleagues you actually learned something (and it might be helpful for them as well).

Ask yourself below questions to help you find out whether the event is right for you?

  • Will the event help you develop better relationships?
  • Will the event help you generate quality leads?
  • Can you prove ROI to yourself or your management?
  • Are there speaking opportunities available?
  • Can you easily make connections with others on social media?
  • Can you blog about it after? (And will that blog post perform well?)
  • When you’re out of the office, who (or what) is going to manage your marketing responsibilities?
  • Will the event help you (and your team) grow professionally?
  • Is this a good networking opportunity?
  • Whether the event logistics (for stalls/branding) & ticket cost worth the investment?

Read more:


Making the right event choice can have a huge impact on your LIFE, so make sure you are careful in picking your next event.

Ultimately it’s your choice and depends on what you want to do.

If you haven’t attended any events yet, then you might feel a little awkward or feel out of place and hence deciding on what to do.

Remember everything has a first time. Go there. Have some fun. Get to Know your industry better.

Just be Yourself and give yourself a chance to be sociable.

If you feel it’s not working out or you’re feeling uncomfortable, you can always leave making some excuse.

But give it a try. Do not feel obliged but go there if you really want to.

Have you attended any recent Digital Marketing events? What are your thoughts?



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