[ How Do I Get Projects From Freelancing ]

We often dream of working from remote, exotic locations; the freedom from a 9-to-5 job; the ability to create our destiny; and doing work that is engaging or meaningful.

There are a certain romance and excitement associated with being a freelancer.

According to PayPal report, “with 41% freelancers witnessing growth in 2017, India is now the largest freelancers market.”

If you’re a marketer or developer, you’ve probably felt at least a twinge of envy when talking to your friends who might have switched to freelancing.

The best thing about freelancing is that you can decide when you want to be a freelancer and for how long, as many times as you wish.

The other thing about Freelancing which makes me sad is that many people get into freelancing without having a plan or strategy in place.

You have to think through it, together with all its possible effects or consequences.

To address this, we must explicitly define the below questions and scenarios:

- How many projects you could handle

- Which sites /platforms will help me get a steady project

- What type of projects should I take

- How much should be the base amount I need to survive and cover my expenses

- Do you want to work remotely? Or only with local businesses?

- Which industry will you work in? Often, the more you niche you are, the higher your freelance rate can be.

- What services will you provide? What won’t you contribute?

- How much should I give to family etc.?

Also, “getting new freelance projects” — only if it was that easy.

We have to back up again to discuss another stumbling block for freelancers: defining your ideal client.

Not all clients are the same. And you don’t want all type of clients.

You’ll need to get familiar with all the freelancer sites and try different strategies to land projects.


1) Fiverr

2) Upwork

3) Freelancer.com

4) Guru.com

5) Truelancer etc.

And expand your strategy to include social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for getting more projects.

Joining online communities and forums will also help you get additional projects opportunities.

If possible start focusing on personal branding and networking with other marketers for collaboration & referral projects

Freelancing is not just about bidding for projects online. It’s about being a problem solver, identifying problems, and providing solutions in areas of your interest.

It is about investing your limited time in doing things which make sense and money.


1) The above listed freelancing sites never worked for me

2) So I started with a different approach to blogging & content marketing. I used the free Blogspot site and covered keyword topics from SEO freelancer in Mumbai, local SEO packages in Mumbai, etc. A few months later, I got good search exposure for these local search terms.

3) I also started using my social media accounts to create awareness about my freelance service (but as a blog promotion). And did a regular posting covering different digital marketing topics

4) I started connecting and networking with other digital marketers/freelancers to understand their sales cycle

5) My blog started generated a few inquiries, but it never converted, but I got many collaboration opportunities for guest posts and brand coverage.

6) Finally, a year later, I landed my first freelance project. It was a referral from one of my office colleagues.

7) And then on, I got many projects from Facebook group, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles.

So yeah it takes time & patience to get steady projects there’s no hack unless you spend time improving yourself and having a strategy.

Build your online profiles strong enough to showcase your work and standing out in the crowd. Customer referrals can play a huge part, as this type of leads result in the shortened sales cycle and getting paid more quickly.

Most IMPORTANTLY, if you don’t have any financial security or backup then would request to get a full-time job and do freelancing as a part-time

Finding quality freelance clients starts with the understanding that it is a long process. But a rewarding process, no doubt.

It requires your attention and focus on the needs of your ideal client and helping them understand the perfect solution.

Not just what the client thinks they need, but one that solves the underlying problem they are trying to get rid of.

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“Success ke peeche mat bhago. Kabil bano kabil. Kambyabi sali jhak maar ke peeche ayegi.”

I hope this helps. All the Best!

What’s your Freelance story? Please share them in comments! #ldmcontest



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Roshan Samuel Ambler

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