Lockdown tales: It feels good to be back. 😀

Mind Of A Digital Marketer During Lockdown

(inhales a deep breath)

The last time I self-quarantined myself this long, I came out to be a better person.

But this time, it took a toll on my health,

- with little to no physical activity,
- unplanned online webinars,
- back to back calls with clients, fellow marketers & startup guys,
- active & new projects workload
- and not the least the stress from personal life

So I had to take a time-out and focus on my health.

During this time, I noticed how this lockdown reveals all the insecurities of people everywhere, including from the Digital Marketing industry.

I think the topic of low price/quality courses is a little outdated now.

There’s now a content overload by newbies and experts alike, and most being repetitive or of low quality.

Maybe information overload isn’t so bad, but claiming to be an expert copywriter, social media marketer, instagram expert, digital influencer, etc. by just being active for the past couple of weeks seems inappropriate and of false claims.

The other issue which I have always noticed is that of having a healthy debate on DM topics.

My intention from any of my posts is to create awareness and space of everyone to share their opinions, so anyone reading my posts/comments can get a clear understanding of the topic being discussed.

I’m not exposing anyone or maintaining any datasheet; it would be unethical to take control of my own.

I had discussed this previously, too, that we don’t have any standardization in the industry or any association to monitor such cases, and I can’t do it alone.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to reach out to me I’m always open for contribution on such topics.

Another issue I noticed is of trust issues with collaborations; dekh bhai BHAROSE ki baat nahi hai.

Digital Marketing is a very competitive industry.

As mentioned in my previous webinar, the one common thing between marketers and entrepreneurs is that we love to take RISKS.

Similar to finding the right digital strategy for your project, a successful collaboration takes time. You will need to connect with the right set of networks and like-minded people who have the same goals. #HelpAMarketer

Till then, be positive, be FOCUSED!

So happy to be back at work! 👨‍💻

(ALERT: BTW my recent failure collaboration was with one of my network named as Puja Kashyap from Mumbai, my team worked on the urgent requirements for product images and we haven’t been paid till date)



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Roshan Samuel Ambler

Founder of @GoLeadDigital. I live and breathe digital marketing. I hope you enjoy my findings.