Saved from Covid-19 (Coronavirus) but the lockdown killed my business

Do you feel the same way?

I’ve been working on growing my business this entire lockdown. Hoping to come out of this with some good growth!

Am I privileged? Somewhat, yes.

Has this virus (never mind the lockdown) killed my business? Absolutely.

Worse: it’s dead until a proven vaccine is out.

Am I affected economically? 100%, yes.

Am I annoyed about tobacco, alcohol, walks, hangouts? Yes.

But this lockdown isn’t about me.

You either choose to Netflix, tv shows, freaking out, or start a new side hustle, learning new skills in this quarantine.

It’s always your choice!

Please post a comment on how the lockdown has affected your income or business.

For those who are still earning a full salary or got new business, please comment too.



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Roshan Samuel Ambler

Roshan Samuel Ambler

Founder of @GoLeadDigital. I live and breathe digital marketing. I hope you enjoy my findings.